DXP boats a range of accessories that make it easier and safer to periodically or daily check autoclave performances or trace and file cycle data in full compliance with the strictest regulations in force to guarantee the safety and peace of mind of professionals and their patients. The Wi-Fi kit and external printer are available to facilitate data traceability, while the Cleaning Tabs and Tests must be performed periodically for ordinary maintenance.

DXP Service Kits

The DXP Service Kits are designed to provide end users and authorized technicians with everything they need for the periodical maintenance of the autoclave.

Regenerating tabs

Special effervescent tablets for cleaning the chamber of the autoclave.

Helix Test

Helix Test allows you to verify steam penetration into hollow instruments.

Label rolls

Rolls with adhesive labels to be placed on the pouch of every single sterilized tool and filled in with the cycle data necessary to guarantee a complete and safe traceability.

External printer

An optional useful external printer of a small size, ergonomic and compact.

Optional printer

Optional external, affordable and compact printer, ideal for printing sterilisation cycle data on paper or adhesive labels. It comes with a USB and power supply cable.

Wi-Fi Kit

The Wi-Fi Kit makes it possible for DXP autoclaves to trace sterilization data easily and archive them via Wi-Fi.


Demineralisation system for the treatment of mains water.