A complete range for the sterilization cycle

Autoclaves renowned for their reliability (especially DXP Domina) that can sterilize delicate instruments such as turbines and handpieces and that can also be paired with accessories that make the traceability of the sterilization cycle and the ordinary management of machinery (Cleaning Tabs, Helix Test) easier and safer. The range also features the DXP NewSeal thermosealer, which is both practical and safe, and DXP Purity, a reverse osmosis system that provides the autoclave with excellent-quality demineralised water.


Autoclaves are DXP’s flagship products: DXP Domina in particular, but also DX 17 and Axyia 6, which complete a range capable of meeting the needs of all kinds of clinics and professional activities that require the maximum attention for equipment hygiene and safety.


DXP NewSeal impeccably seals the surgical instruments in pouches before insertion into the autoclave, so they remain sterile once the cycle is complete.


DXP Purity is a fully automatic special reverse osmosis system with 3 filters that is placed on top of the autoclave and connected to the water network to produce between 1,000 and 2,000 litres of excellent-quality demineralised water.


DXP boats a range of accessories that make it easier and safer to periodically or daily check autoclave performances or trace and file cycle data to guarantee the safety and serenity of professionals and their patients.