Every professional – and their assistants responsible for reprocessing instruments and devices – knows that truly effective, safe sterilization starts even before the materials used during treatment are subjected to the cycle in the autoclave. It is essential that they are carefully sealed in disposable pouches, to avoid invalidating the process and compromising safety. The DXP NewSeal thermosealer allows this essential operation to be carried out not only effectively, but in a way that’s practical and convenient for the operator. DXP NewSeal is the perfect partner to complement the DXP Domina autoclave, because it impeccably seals the surgical instruments in pouches before insertion into the autoclave, so they remain sterile once the cycle is complete. Equipped with self-regulating resistance producing a 10-11 mm seal, it automatically starts sealing when the lever is pulled down. The built-in roll holder can house rolls of different sizes and in different combinations, and the anatomical anti-scald handle is safe and simple to use, even for less experienced operators
    Technical Data
    DIMENSION (without rolls) 435 x 160 x 310 mm (L x H x P)
    DIMENSION (with roll holder and rolls) 435 x 330/430 x 310 mm (L x H x P)
    WEIGHT 7 Kg
    POWER SUPPLY 230 V 50/60 Hz
    WELDING BAND 10 mm

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