Dental experience gets dynamic

July 14, 2021

DXP is the new brand specialized in sterilization, created thanks to the over 40 years of experience of DXP. It aims to combine a technology known and acknowledged for its reliability all over the world with a fresh dynamic language that can reach modern professionals.

DXP was born to use the excellent performance of products, such as the DXP Domina autoclave and the DXP NewSeal thermosealer, as a base to building a new community of dental and medical professionals naturally predisposed to appreciating user-friendly technology as well as welcoming creativity and aesthetics.

A glance at the new brand – its products and how they appear, from the design to their communication tools – is enough to grasp DXP’s innovation and dynamism. The elegant freshness of the brand colour – bright blue – is a symbol of a future-oriented attitude and consideration of the profession.