DXP Service Kits

Routine maintenance kits for the autoclave

A correct routine maintenance and the use of original DXP spare parts are fundamental to keep the performance of the DXP Domina unchanged over time and guarantee the safety of operators and patients at the same time. The DXP Service Kits are designed to provide end users and authorized technicians with everything they need for the periodical maintenance of the autoclave.

Optional Printer

Optional external, affordable and compact printer, ideal for printing sterilisation cycle data on paper or adhesive labels. It comes with a USB and power supply cable.

*suitable for DXPclave


The most performing experience.

DXPclave combines new-generation steam technology with maximum reliability to ensure that all professionals can work in comfort and with peace of mind at the highest levels. Silent and user-friendly, it stands out thanks to its capacity and design, becoming a reliable and effective ally.


With its bigger load compartment and 5 differentiated trays designed to improve capacity, the DXPclave allows all useful space to be exploited, guaranteeing the best load capacity in its category (24 L).


DXPclave’s user interface is designed with a high focus on usability. Thanks to the 4.3” capacitive touch screen display and the intuitive menu, cycle selection and programming are simple and instantaneous.


The structure of the DXPclave is designed to generate steam quickly and efficiently, whilst preventing clogging risks thanks to the stainless-steel coil and the optimisation of the drying phase with the tray system.


With DXPclave, cycle reports can be saved to USB or related web platform thanks to the native Ethernet connection. The version with integrated printer allows a cycle report to be generated for rapid archiving.


Resin demineralisation system for the treatment of water that makes it possible to turn regular mains water into water suitable for use in an autoclave

Aquarius 300B

Effective reliable sterilization.

Simply effective. Aquarius 300B, a class B autoclave with an 18-litre nickel plated copper chamber, ensures safe sterilization in an extremely practical and intuitive way and fits easily into any studio, thanks to its compact design. The autoclave is able to sterilize a wide range of different instruments, even the most delicate ones, such as hollow instruments and porous loads: its controlled heating system eliminates the risk of thermal shock as well as ensuring greater energy efficiency.

Safety and speed: thanks to its special rapid cycle, instruments are sterilized in less than 20 minutes, combining the utmost care for patients with improved performance in the studio. In full compliance with the EN13060 standard, Aquarius ensures data traceability for each sterilization cycle through a direct PC connection or with the optional built-in printer.


During the drying phase, the filter provides bacteriologically pure air (with a 99.97% filtration factor).


The door is fitted with a triple safety lock to prevent unintentional opening while the autoclave is operating.


Information can be easily recorded and monitored through the PC connection.


Effective management of clean and waste water, thanks to the practical taps.

Steriline 9.5B


Steriline 9.5B Class B autoclaves represent the state of the art in sterilization. Built with high quality materials and components, they guarantee the performance of the most advanced hospital units, in an elegant and compact design. The powerful vacuum pump and (18-litre) nickel-plated copper chamber allow perfect instrument drying and precise temperature control, to sterilize even the most delicate instruments, such as turbines and handpieces, in total safety.


The computerized control system and fully automatic sterilization cycles minimize malfunctions and errors.


The elimination of thermal shock allows you sterilize even the most delicate instruments in complete safety.


The powerful vacuum pump provides total expulsion of air, to sterilize any type of material, including the inner surfaces of handpieces.


The data for each sterilization cycle can be traced with the memory card on a PC. In addition, the autoclave can be equipped with internal printer.

DX 17

A class S and N autoclave, equipped with 4 programs, DX 17 is fitted with a special pump to make instrument drying faster and more effective. At the end of the cycle, the machine switches off automatically, eliminating the risk of heating. Thanks to a WiFi device, sterilization data can be recorded, guaranteeing cycle traceability simply and effectively.

Axyia 6

Axyia 6, a class S and N autoclave, was designed specifically to meet the needs of the professional beauty sector. Characterized by an elegant and compact design, it weighs less than 20 kg and boast a chamber with a 6 litre capacity. Just like practices, beauty centres, barber shops and hairdressers also need to manage the high contamination risk caused by the presence of germs, bacteria and organic residue on their equipment day after day.

European regulations have established clear standards for a safe and traceable sterilization. Axyia 6 makes it simple to effectively comply with this obligation thanks to a reliable technology built using the best materials and characterized by an excellent price/quality ratio.

The functioning of the autoclave is curated in every detail to guarantee high-performance and reliability: air is expelled through the thermodynamic system, creating a vacuum inside the chamber in a quick and silent manner while the advanced microprocessor cross-checks pressure and temperature guaranteeing high-quality saturated vapour.

Axyia 6 is based on two fundamental values – ease of use and sturdiness. 4 programmes and automatic functions such as troubleshooting, self-diagnosis, night-cycle, cycle counter and remote control make it extremely easy to use. The autoclave fully complies with standard EN13060 and is made entirely of stainless steel. The chamber is made of seamless stainless steel and each pressure vessel is a single piece.

iMax B


Speed and safety at the service of reliable and effective class B sterilization, in full compliance with the EN 13060 standard. IMAX is able to guarantee high level performance, thanks to extensive research and development on materials and technologies – such as the controlled heating system and powerful vacuum pump, designed to sterilize all materials and instruments, even the most delicate. The autoclave is equipped with an 18-litre nickel-plated copper chamber, with a thermal conductivity 10 times higher than that of stainless-steel chambers, and designed to optimize loads, thanks to the 4 special trays and rounded rack. The PC connection allows you to efficiently control the entire process and to track and preserve the data from each cycle.


Every professional – and their assistants responsible for reprocessing instruments and devices – knows that truly effective, safe sterilization starts even before the materials used during treatment are subjected to the cycle in the autoclave. It is essential that they are carefully sealed in disposable pouches, to avoid invalidating the process and compromising safety. The DXP NewSeal thermosealer allows this essential operation to be carried out not only effectively, but in a way that’s practical and convenient for the operator. DXP NewSeal is the perfect partner to complement the DXP Domina autoclave, because it impeccably seals the surgical instruments in pouches before insertion into the autoclave, so they remain sterile once the cycle is complete. Equipped with self-regulating resistance producing a 10-11 mm seal, it automatically starts sealing when the lever is pulled down. The built-in roll holder can house rolls of different sizes and in different combinations, and the anatomical anti-scald handle is safe and simple to use, even for less experienced operators
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