The sterilization specialists

DXP is NSK Dental Italy’s brand specialized in sterilization, established thanks to Dental X’s over 40 years of experience and boasting a wealthy technical and design know-how. Its products are known and renowned worldwide for their reliability, efficiency and ability to tune into the needs of the new professionals in the dental and medical sector while boasting a fresh and dynamic aesthetic.

A young dynamic brand

DXP was born to use the excellent performances of products, such as the DXP Domina autoclave and the DXP NewSeal thermosealer, as a base to build a new community of dental and medical professionals naturally predisposed to appreciating user-friendly technology as well as welcoming creativity and aesthetics.

Autoclaves and accessories DXP to help dentists and guarantee the maximum level of safety and hygiene - DXP Sterilization

Not just autoclaves

DXP has a very clear mission: designing and manufacturing extremely reliable and efficient products to sterilize medical-surgical equipment. Autoclaves and accessories to help dentists and their assistants and guarantee the maximum level of safety and hygiene in the dental clinic, in full compliance with international regulations.
Detail of class B autoclave DXP Domina - DXP Sterilization

Design Made in Italy

The technical and technological quality of the products goes hand in hand with the typically-Italian care for design, intended as a combination of technical characteristics, functionality and aesthetic. The DXP Domina class B autoclave is the maximum expression of this attitude and of values recognised all over the world.

DXP is a brand by NSK Dental Italy

DXP is a brand by NSK Dental Italy, Italian branch of the Japanese multinational leading in the production of handpieces and turbines. A dynamic team and strong international presence enable it to guarantee a meticulous commercial service and the best technical assistance.

Dental experience gets dynamic. So, why don’t you?


ISO 9001

ISO 13485

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ISO 45001

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